4 Problems With Current Ticketing Systems

4 Problems With Current Ticketing Systems

Also known as issue tracking systems, ticketing systems are a convenient method to help your clients resolve their tough problems, and help your own development team address and find the bugs more quickly. But, similar to other modern technologies, current ticketing systems also have some disadvantages and may lead to headaches if you do not prepare yourself well for their potential downsides.

Biggest Issues With Modern Ticketing Systems

There are some common problems a development tea and customer service representative has to face:

1. Documenting The Ticket Flow

Assume that you have a new ticketing system available, it automatically notifies all people on your team when there is a certain ticket. Then, what happens? If your ticket flow process is unclear, you may be end up with duplicating attempts or you will have some unresolved tickets which never see any action. For this issue, you need to build up and document a standard procedure of operating that all people could follow. The general documentation is very important as it gives your team’s members a consistent resource to refer. If there is a discrepancy or an argument, you could check the documentation for clarifying. Also, it is helpful for training goals.

2. Bad User Interface (UI)

The user interfaces (UI) of a ticketing system are abysmal. After logged in, you will be see a dashboard having a lot of unclear options without any intuitive tools telling what and how to do next. Of course, you need to train your staffs to know how to use the system in the way that you are going to do, yet in general, it ought to be fairly intuitive. In case there is not anything else, the system ought to be customizable enough for you to eliminate the features that you do not instantly need, and / or add several ones that are not present.

3. Poor Descriptions From Clients

The majority of ticketing systems just do the work of bringing users the problems that customers are encountering – and sometimes, customers are not specific or articulate about what they notice. If you want your ticketing system to be much more worthwhile and effective for staffs to use, then you need to prompt the customers for much more particular information, and give your developers the tools that could be used to handle tickets which do not make sense instantly.

4. Inconsistent Training

Another issue of ticketing systems happens when you need many team members working on a single platform. Some newbies are not familiar with the mix. Different individuals will have different preferences as well as intuitive drives, they also have different training styles.

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