5 Myths About Marketing Automation

5 Myths About Marketing Automation

Similar to many software solutions, the marketing automation also has some spills as well as bumps in the early years. This is often confused with old-school customer service automation software. If you want to discover more about marketing automation, then it is time to debunk some horror stories about it. Here are some myths about marketing automation:

1. It Makes The Demand For Marketers A Moot Point.

This is a big myth, particularly for those marketing managers who may worry about security of the job. Nonetheless, marketing automation is particularly designed to support the marketers, not replace them. There are still some aspects of jobs which waste talents and time.

2. It Is Too Confusing To Learn.

This used to be true for some low-grade software in the paste. But, not every solution is going to be the “winner” and they could not align with the precise skill level of your average marketing member. Nonetheless, good software is particularly designed to be friendly and intuitive to user. Once the learning curve is highly steep or the program is too confusing, it is very easy to be turned off of that type of software once and for all. It is the reason why it is crucial to read current reviews and choose free trial runs without strings attached.

3. It Is Too Expensive.

There are some choices out there fitting this description, of course. You will get what you pay for, yet still sometimes there are some software options fitting within your budget. The quality software solution is created for your business size and industry, meaning that it will fit in your budget. If you have just started up, then it is not necessary for you to have software particularly designed for an enterprise.

4. It Will Not Integrate With My Other Programs.

It is said that there is nothing more frustrating that buying a new software solution and discovering that it does not integrate well with others. Integration is considered the top priority for those solid designers of software. It ought to be clearly touted as its benefits. But, you may also want to warrant that that software will upgrade so it can integrate with any of software solutions you buy in the future.

5. It Comes With Security Risks.

Marketing software usually works with sensitive customer information and data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and information of credit card. Social security numbers, purchase history, etc. could lead to identity fraud or theft if being in the wrong hands. Maybe, security is the biggest factor that any software should have.

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