6 Tips To Fix Distortion And Discoloration On A Computer Screen

6 Tips To Fix Distortion And Discoloration On A Computer Screen

Your computer’s screen is off “colors” and you think that they might be washed out, or inverted. Or, perhaps things have a green, red, or blue hue, or too light or too dark?

Obviously, the screen is the major way a computer user interacts with it, so anything not right could become a main problem.

There are some reasons why your computer’s screen may be distorting pictures or images or presenting the wrong color, causing problems in seeing. Take a look at some ways to fix these problems.

1. Turn Off The Power Of Your Screen

Turn off your monitor, after 15 seconds, switch it on again. In fact, there are some problems, particularly the minor ones, could be caused by the connection to your computer that just a simple restart will fix.

In case that your problem still comes back, you should leave the screen off for about 30 minutes prior to switching it on again. If that helps, then your screen’s problem may because of overheating.

2. Restart The Computer

Chances are, your computer’s operating system is the main cause of the distortion or discoloration. In such case, a start will help. This is easy to do but if you do it early, it is better.

3. Check The Cable

You had better check the cable between the computer and the screen to warrant that each end is secure, in terms of physical. Unplug, then plug back in each end.

4. Degauss The Screen
Despite this sounds to be a “throwback” tip, you should consider that magnetic interference, which the degaussing corrects, just occurs on the large CRT screens of yesteryear.

It means that if you still use a CRT screen, and the problem of discoloring is concentrated near the screen’s edges, then degaussing will fix the problem.

5. Use The Adjustment Buttons Or Onscreen Settings Of Your Screen

Look for the preset default level on the adjustment buttons or onscreen settings of your screen and enable it. This will return many settings of your screen to “factory default” levels, thereby correcting color problems which were resulted from settings at in appropriate levels.

6. Adjust The Color Quality Setting

You should adjust the setting of color quality for video card, warranting that it is set at the highest level. this will usually deal with the problems where the colors, particularly in photos and pictures, display incorrect.

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