Hidden features of Google Office applications

Hidden features of Google Office applications

Hidden Features Of Google Office Applications

The following applications are constantly being improved and upgraded that many users may not know:

  • Auto Chart – Google Sheets

Google Sheets has a tool called Explore that automatically parses columns or rows to determine if any of the data on them can be represented graphically. If so, an icon with the green Explore word will appear in the lower right corner of the worksheet (if not, the icon will turn gray). Click on it, a window pane opens to the right of the worksheet, displays the generated graphs from the data, you can click to see at the larger size or drag-drop to the worksheet.

  • Automatic Postage – Google Docs

Select “Document outline” on the Tools menu in the Google Docs toolbar, and the outline of the document will be created whenever you enter or format “heading” for a line of text in the document. A navigation bar appears on the left side of the document, showing a list of titles. Click on a title in this list and the cursor will jump to the corresponding document section.

  • Custom Shared Map – Google Drive

The Google My Maps app is hidden in Google Drive. It is accessed by clicking the “New” button on the main Google Drive page, selecting “More” in the drop down menu, and Google My Maps will appear at the bottom. This tool is also available in Google Maps. With My Maps, you can create custom maps through Google Maps.

  • Disable The Downloading, Printing, Copying Of Shared Files – Google Drive

You can prevent downloading or printing your documents, slideshows or spreadsheets to others. You can also prevent the ability to copy text or other components. This limited feature is a bit hard to find. You can find it in the “Share with others” window.

  • Upload Files By Dragging And Dropping – Google Drive

When you open Google Drive in Chrome or Firefox, you can upload a file stored on your computer by dragging and dropping it to a folder or main Google Drive list. This function may not be really useful on a small screen laptop, it works best if you use the big screen to open the browser and the file manager at the same time.

  • Create eBooks – Google Docs

Want to publish eBooks? You can easily create an eBook (even an image file) directly from Google Docs by exporting it to a readable “.epub” format on your e-book reader that supports this format. On the File menu in the Google Docs toolbar, select “Download as” and then “EPUB Publication”.

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