New Things On iOS 11

iOS 11

New Things On iOS 11

With many improvements and unique features, especially for the iPad, the iOS 11 update promises to give users the best experience.

  • The iMessage Application Is Easier To Use And It Allows Synchronization

With this update, the Message application has been redesigned to make it easy for users to access and use emoji. In addition, the Message widget on iOS 11 is also equipped with the ability to sync messages between iOS and MacOS devices through iCloud becomes better. For example, if you delete any message on your iPhone, the message will also be deleted on devices that are signed in to your iCloud account, such as your iPad or Mac. This is the thing that iOS could not do before. In addition, users can be assured that all messages are end-to-end even when they are stored on the cloud.

  • Siri

On iOS 11, Apple has used Deep Learning technology to make Siri able to “talk” with voice naturally. The virtual assistant can also speak in male or female depending on the user’s setup. Even, Siri has the ability to pronounce in different ways on the same word, making the conversation more realistic.

  • Camera Application Is Upgraded

The Camera app on iOS 11 will use the HEIF format for image files to reduce the size of image files captured. Meanwhile, the HEVC coding standard will be applied video files to reduce the storage size of the video to 2 times the normal rate.

  • Upgrade To Memories And Live Photos Feature

With the iOS 11 upgrade, the Memories feature on the Photos app was able to use the Machine Learning technology to identify favorite images of users such as anniversaries, family photos, and more. This feature also incorporates Computer Vision technology that can process images and automatically selects the best images or videos to support the user.

  • Control Center Is Refreshed, 3D Touch Support

On iOS 11, Apple has completely changed the interface of the Control Center becomes more beautiful and flexible with the icons are divided into separate groups, so that users can easily select and control their devices.

In addition to that, users also have access to some other drivers thanks to 3D touch technology, such as holding down the Music pane to display more information and other music control functions.

  • New Dock Bar And Some Upgrades For iPad

iOS 11 will make the iPad extremely great with a series of new features dedicated to this device. Specifically, the iPad is equipped with a new Dock. It has a Dock bar like the Doc bar designed on the MacOS and it displays more apps than just 6 applications like previous versions. Through it, users can quickly access commonly used applications from any interface.

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