Technology And Anxiety

Technology And Anxiety

We are using technologies in our daily lives. Nowadays, we are more connected and informed than ever before, yet if new technology has any downside?

This article will show you the relation between technology and anxiety and depression.

Anxiety And Depression

Most of us at least have once experience some degree of depression or anxiety in coordination with the use of technologies such as the internet and the social media. On the large scale, technology makes us much more disconnected, thereby triggering the feelings of anxiety that did not happen before and making us feel negative and sad.
Why It Happens?

  • Instant response.

This is one of things triggering anxiety during the process of using technologies. For example, when sending an email or posting on the social media feed of someone, they will instantly receive a response. The social connections, from family members or friends to colleagues, now operate 24/7. When sending a message to someone and they do not respond instantly, you might feel anxious. When receiving a message and you acknowledge that the sender has seen or read it, you also feel anxious. Such feelings contribute to the world that needs constant attention and socializing.

  • New social dynamics.

Social media is created not for substituting the real interactions between human beings. There are some forms of social media use which are beneficial, like communicating with a friend who lives abroad or far away or sharing special moments with many audiences, yet the fleeting and public nature of interactions in social media is less intimate, and rewarding in the long run than the traditional mode.

  • Overabundant information.

There are a lot of advantages of the large amount of information we access to nowadays. You could easily find almost any information you want, and catch up the latest news in just a matter of seconds. But, many of them are not positive at all, and the media seems to skew towards the bad news. When reading this negative information, your brain will become overload, making you think much more negatively about the current world.

How To Overcome Tech Anxiety

 Now, what could we do about this relation? The answer of course is not eliminating all technology out of our life, but we should also make use of some tips to use technology much more effectively in order to improve our overall health, particularly mental health.

  • Get adequate sleep
  • Disconnect occasionally
  • Maintain and look for new real relationship in the daily life
  • Find healthier habits to replace for stress.

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