The Free Utilities That PC Needs

The Free Utilities That PC Needs

Sometimes, there are work that if through software, you will solve them very easily, but you do not always realize that. Therefore, the article picks you out the best free utilities for Windows that PC needs (also available on other platforms).

  • 7-Zip

This is a great compression and decompression tool on the internet today. You may think you do not need it because Windows also has the ability to create and extract ZIP files by default, but 7-Zip has many other benefits. It supports a lot of file formats: it opens most of the compressed files on the network, including RAR files that are very popular. It also lets you browse and extract files from disk image files such as ISO, VDI, VHD and WIM. It even gives you access to the macOS DMG file.

Another advantage of 7-Zip is its ease of use. After installation, the application adds a submenu to the shortcut menu in Windows Explorer, which means you can compress and decompress files and folders with a single click. For more professional users, this utility also has a command line interface.

  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

You do not need to use the Windows taskbar, because this tool gives you many more great options. Taskbar Tweaker has three main sections: Taskbar Items, Grouping and Combining, and Other Taskbar Options. The first item includes the ability to change what happens if you right-click or hover a thumbnail icon. The second item decides how the application is grouped on the taskbar, with the option of disabling clustering or browsing through the windows in turn by clicking the left mouse button. The third item contains a shortcut option when you double-click an empty spot on the taskbar.

  • Everything

This is one of the simplest software in the article. Everything is a fast way to find files and folders on your PC. According to this site, the software takes only a second to index the 70,000 files. The preliminary test also says this. You can also narrow your search by using filters.

  • Ccleaner

To speed up your Windows or Mac computer, CCleaner is a neat little tool that has a very powerful engine. The CCleaner tool is usually divided into two lists for you to choose from: Windows and Applications. The Applications section includes standard features like deletes temporary files created by the system, and clears the cache of the Microsoft Edge browser.

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