Turn Off Exploits Of Private Information On Windows 10

exploits of private information

Turn Off Exploits Of Private Information On Windows 10

A large number of Windows users have experienced the additional features and enhancements associated with the Windows 10 upgrade as the return of the “Start Menu”, the introduction of the “Cortana”, and the free Web browser “Microsoft Edge”.

  • Private Information Issues On Windows 10

Immediately after the Windows 10 ads, Microsoft has received a lot of criticism for the security flaws in this latest upgrade, especially the security issues related to the privacy of Windows 10 users. According to Trend Micro security experts, “Microsoft has improved user support by collecting all personal data from what you do, say, write on the device.”

When users agree to install the latest Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft, all personal data from contacts, email, credit card information, GPS location, browsing history and even video, news Voice messages are recorded by Microsoft, which is carefully set out in Microsoft’s privacy policy. However, there are many questions regarding the Microsoft customer data collection.

According to a formal statement from Microsoft, the collection of personal data is only meant to understand more about the user in order to provide personalized services. On the other hand, privacy advocates have pointed out that the collection of personal data from Microsoft is aimed at advertising third parties.

Wifi Sense, a feature that automatically connects users to Wi-Fi sources, then stores network information and can automatically share Wi-Fi passwords in that area with those who are in the person’s Facebook, Skype and Outlook contacts.

  • Turn Off Exploits Of Private Information

Microsoft is not the only company collecting personal user data, there are other big companies doing so, like Lenovo with the Superfish incident. However, from Windows 10, the world’s largest software company has been charged with infringing on the privacy of personal information. However, the user can disable the default settings. And moreover, Microsoft is also transparent about the user’s personal data collection. Privacy advocates can turn off those features rather than letting them work by default.

A survey from Trend Micro found that during installation, users generally accepted everything without reading the terms, such as downloads and installations. Security experts recommend “Be a smart user” by clearly reading all terms of use before installing the app because no matter how good the security system is, the weakest point is still the user’s habit. Just like in the case of Wifi Sense, the settings of this feature can be managed to control the information that you want to share. Just visit the privacy installer to change your personal data processing system settings.

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